Castle and Gardens of Freÿr / Meuse (Belgium)

Index of the Photos

Visit of Prince Naru Hito to Freÿr


The former medieval castle was rebuilt in 1571


Louis XIV painted by his adversaries

Louis XIV

Archduchess Maria Christina came to Freÿr in 1785

18th Century

The first Duke of Beaufort-Spontin

Frederic de Beaufort

Letter written by Leopold I to Baron Rothschild

19th Century

Letter written by Leopold I to Baron Rothschild

19th Century

Photo of Hermenegilde de Beaufort-Spontin

Hermenegilde de Beaufort

Photo of Camille de Laubespin

Hermenegilde de Beaufort

Miniature of Camille de Lévis-Mirepoix

French Revolution

Photo of Ninne de Laubespin

Ninne von Daun

Photo of Wladimir von Daun

Ninne von Daun

Miniature of Louise d'Avesgo de Coulonges

Louise de Coulonges

Photo of Mariano d'Osuna

Mariano d' Osuna

Miniature of Theodule de Laubespin

Theodule the grumbler

Portrait of Georgine d'Evry

Georgine d'Evry

Photo of Pauline von Isenburg

Pauline von Isenburg

Photos of Alfred and Marie de Laubespin

In Flanders

Photo of Alfred and Marie de Laubespin's son

In Flanders

Miniature of Humbert de Laubespin

Diplomatic Minister

Photo of Odette Lagarde and her daughter

Odette Lagarde

Photo of Gilda de Laubespin

Gilda the strong minded

Photo of John de Laubespin

John de Laubespin

Photo of Francis Bonaert

Talented Architect

Photo of Félicité Donnay de Casteau

Almost Venice

Photo of Louise de Laubespin with her great grandson

Four generations

Photo of john de Laubespin with his great grandnephew

Four generations

Painting in the collegiate church of Nivelles


Window in the Cloister of La Cambre