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Aude , a painter and music lover, is uniting everyone so that Freyr can live.

Michel , Aude's husband, a math graduate and software guru, is our ambassador to Luxemburg.

Baudry , an expert in antique furniture, is in charge of the accounting, insurances, supplies, ...

Axel , an engineering and business graduate, is a gardener by duty, web manager and secretary.

Mary-Jo , Axel's wife, the ideal housewife, takes care of the house and its hospitality.

Friedrich , a nuclear medics and university professor, is promoting the continuity and twinship in Central Europe and Italy.

Jimmy , a law-officer, held the foundation on the baptismal font.

Féli , a law graduate, is responsible for the inventories.

Manu , Feli's husband, is in charge of managing the finance.

Auguste , a specialist in art history, is a marvelous guide and designs our flyers.

Eleanor , a communication graduate, writes over the life at the association.

Oliver , Eleanor's husband, a law graduate, takes care of the woods.

Gontran , a marketing graduate, is also an expert in PC configuration and tools, quite useful here.

Mary , Gontran's wife, a psy by training, uses her talent to smooth tempers.

Amorelle , an engineering graduate, helps to design the Internet site and various texts.

Ombeline , a philosophy graduate, is our photographer (you should know it if you have browsed through this site).

Steven , Ombeline's husband, an engineering and business graduate, is promoting Freÿr in Germany.

Mary and Damian , both enginering graduates, they design our labels and are our ambassadors along the Mediterranean Sea.

Louis ,our "flash" specialist, helps to design the Internet site.