Castle and Gardens of Freÿr / Meuse (Belgium)

The active Members of the Domain

Aude, a painter and music lover, is our delegate on the Laubespin-Lagarde Funds (King Baudouin Foundation).

Michael, Aude's husband, a math graduate and multimedia guru, helps us with his know-how.

Baudry, an expert in antique furniture, is in charge of the accounting, insurances, supplies, ...

Axel, an engineering and business graduate, is a gardener by duty, web manager and secretary.

Mary-Jo, Axel's wife, the ideal housewife, takes care of the house and its hospitality.

Frederick, a nuclear medics and university professor, is promoting the continuity and twinship in Central Europe and Italy.

Jimmy, a law-officer, held the foundation on the baptismal font.

Feli, a law graduate, is responsible for the inventories.

Manu, Feli's husband, is in charge of managing the finance.

August, a specialist in art history, is a marvelous guide and designs our flyers.

Eleanor, a communication graduate, writes over the life at the association.

Oliver, Eleanor's husband, a law graduate, takes care of the woods.

Gontran, a marketing graduate, is our expert in PC configuration and associated tools.

Mary, Gontran's wife, a psy graduate, promotes Freÿr on social networks.

Amorelle, an engineering graduate, is drafting and correcting many of our texts.

Ombeline, a philosophy graduate, is an excellent photographer (as you should know if you have browsed this site).

Stephen, an engineering and business graduate, is helping his wife Ombeline in her endeavours.

Maria-Margarita and Damián, are both engineering graduates. M-M is also a talentuous painter. She designs our labels and assumes the following-up of our meetings.

Luis, a business graduate, is busy in a startup company. He is our "flash" specialist.